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Most states require corporations, limited liability companies (LLC),   
nonprofits, limited partnerships (LPs) and limited liability
partnerships (LLPs) formed or foreign to have a registered agent in
the state.  The registered agent must have a physical presence and
address (no P.O. Boxes allowed) and must be available during
normal business hours.

 The registered agent is responsible for receiving important legal
 and tax documents on behalf of the business.  Service of Process
 (sometimes called notice of litigation), which is the document that
 initiates a lawsuit, is served to the registered agent for a business.
 Proper handling of and timely response to this document are vital,
 as not doing so can result in significant adverse consequences to
 the business.  Additionally, the registered agent often receives
 mail and tax documents from the state on behalf of business.
 Timely handling of these documents is also important as states
 typically impose deadlines for annual report and franchise tax

 Our Applicant Screening Solutions helps verify educational and
 employment history, professional licenses, criminal background,
 current legal standing, financial history, and even driving records.
It is important to know who you are hiring and at American Corporate
Services, Inc. we take it personal.  That's why we say,
It's not business.....It's personal.
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30% of business
failures are due to
poor hiring practices.

- Department of

According to a
recent study, 67% of
job applicants'
resumes in the U.S.

- American

The average
organization loses
more than $9 per
day, per employee
and 6% of its annual
revenue to fraud and

- Association of
Certified Fraud

On-the-job violence
costs employers $36
billion each year.

- Workplace Violence
Research Institute

The average award
in a workplace
violence lawsuit
exceeds $1 million
per case.

- Workplace Violence
Research Institute

Drug users cost
300% more in
medical costs and

- Crain's Cleveland

According to a
national survey,
American retail
employees stole
$10.4 billion in a
one-year period

- University of Florida

70% of illegal drug
users have full-time

- New York Times

38%-58% of
on-the-job injuries
can be attributed to
alcohol/drug abuse.

- Business Insurance